Too Good but Tough to Practice

Ten things that seem too good but are difficult to bring in practice in our everyday life. This post I share with you from a different site; on the bottom find link to it’s source for full version. Thank you blessed soul!

10 Things that are too good but tough to practice

1) Apologizing doesn’t mean that (apologetic? ????) You are wrong and the other is right. It only means that you value the relationship more than your ego….

2) If everything is going according to your wish, then you are lucky…… If its not, then you are too lucky, because it is going according to Gods wish……

3) Ever noticed your parents spend the first 18 months trying to make you stand up and talk….and the next 18 years trying to make you sit down and listen?

4) Either walk as if you rule the world…. or, Walk as if you don’t mind who the hell rules the world…That’ s the attitude…Rock your life….

5) Confidence never comes if we have all the answers, Be ready for all the questions… .Be bold to face the world….

6) When you are depressed… When you are confused…. When you have been hurt the most…Don’t ever get carried away…rather just get in front of the mirror, and there you will find the right person who could actually help you get out of this….


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