Fast-food-way-of-eating, Moon and my concern

When I logged on Facebook the other morning, I saw Moon post her feeling about fast food:
“well its silly that im at mcdonalds n having the spicy chicken mcbites with hot sauce n same timing reading about the organic food n healthy food that can be purchased at low cost from farmer’s market. I could say that as expert Not all healthy foods are expensive but youths are getting used to these fast foods( including me lol) n dont really know what is real home made food. The other day, i was with my gf she told me that ” she did grocery shopping n wants to cook for me”. So went there n the all food she bought were either frozen or prepared foods. All she has to do is heated up or eat it… I was thinking that well it is not really home food though but thanked her for, of course I did not tell her about it. i dont really cook n hate to spend time for cooking. But i do cook once a year the real home made food.”

I replied:

Well, I deeply feel you. Most of the things you get is fresh either healthy cookingout of fridge or can. They are anything but fresh. It still is on my list to eat raw only. For that I would have to have my own garden of fruits and vegetables grown using organic fertilizers. It is possible back in my hometown [2 hours away from where I live right now].

Couple years of struggle here in Kathmandu sharing happiness on the street then FARMING – all the way!! What you just did is lifted me up a bit. Reminded me those last moments I lived in New York. Thinking exactly the same, wanting to run away. Unlike you, I love to cook but only problem then was, my desire to avoid anything processed.

From experience, action emerging from understanding, we should not confuse with action emerging from desire. Then it will have no burden on us, otherwise we just make the basket of life heavier and heavier and it will drop us on our knees!! Thanks for letting me think on it yet again; re-live some of my memories.

Wish you good health Moon!! Wish there wasn’t any clock but there is, unlucky us human beings, I say because if there wasn’t clock, then we would be more focused on each precious moments to living than accumulating for tomorrows. It is morning here, there your bedtime. Sweet Dreams Moon!!!

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