Getting Finger-Nail done in a village of Haryna – Miss you Reshma!

The guy at the grocery store said he would get the nail cutter from the market later in the evening or the late-est by tomorrow. Two days passed, no name of it. There are about four small grocery stores in the village. When I go ask for a nail cutter they say take a blade.

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To tell you the truth I have never done my nails with a blade. It just isn’t something that I feel like doing. I see the blade screwing my nails, and more than that I see blood dropping out of my finger tips.

After hearing me complain about it, Reshma said she could do it for me. I told her not to worry about it but she replied – “You stop worrying, it is not as hard as you think”. Well, I do have to get it done and the grocery-man is never going to get the nail cutter and I will not do it myself so here I go, you rescue me.

Having long nails and working in the chicken farm is a terrible experience. It looked as if I painted my nails black. And that afternoon I was visiting the town nearby- to check email, update facebook status and load some songs in my mobile. I had only renamed the memory card from inside the phone then all files were gone. I only see dollar signs and crazzy characters.

It is very common job working in a Chicken farm in that region. If you look after 9,000 chickens you get

10,000 INR per month. They give a place to stay and supply cooking gas as well. It is pretty good deal, I think and they were happy as well for the most. I will write a different post about the life there (oh you want to hear it!!), now let’s get my nail done quickly. hehe..

So, we sat on the cement floor right outside their small studio, it is a floor up from the ground, nice and windy in the night time but we had to close all the windows cause then them mosquitoes would not drive us crazzy. Okay, we sat facing opposite to each other on the floor, placed my hand on her knee and she began.

With so much grace she played that blade around my nails. I saw it wasn’t easy because the balde was a used one, required more effort. But no pain in her face, she cut it from this and from that and the frond then trim the corners then smoothen it rubbing against the edge. Oh she did it so beautifully. I was left to think, this is something. I had known her for few days only but still we weren’t new to each other. Her sister, sister’s husband,
their six year old daughter who did not speak from the birth, we all lived happily cherishing every little moments.

Bipin observing Sunset (Cental Park)

I will always remember my nail done by this girl, 18, a kind one. Reshma miss you! and your LOVELY people….

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