Grandmothers are just great!

She spent most of her life keeping us happy, took care of her own five kids then me and four more after me. And we all individually feel that she was most caring and loving to us. Isn’t that beautiful?

When I was at the age of twelve, she used to say, “grandson, before I die I want to see your child and hold him”.

We all have grown up and when it’s her time to just enjoy life and be happy,…things changed. My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for more than six years now! She doesn’t recognize me anymore..

May be I am just not lucky to communicate with her anymore. But it’s time that we showed our patient towards her. It’s an opportunity for us to return some love back.

God always guide me to giving my best efforts to keeping her well. Om Peace!

Grandma, Bipin & Puja eating together fresh smoked corn
uncle, grandmother & grandfather together
with grandmother and her twin sister
Sachin & Grandmother during Holi (festival of color)
Grandmother on phone
My grandmother and her three sisters

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