Discussion on Nepali Politics Current Affairs

You have potential to do something very useful to this country.Spread your wings and fly above you will see not only madesh but also hills,mountains and himals of Nepal and her beautiful peace loving people.

– wrote Prakash Chandra Joshi onto Ex-Min (Labor and Transportation) Mrs Sarita Giri‘s Facebook wall.

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  Joshi Ji, Isn’t the betterment of the Terai people good for Nepal as a whole? The government collects 77% of its revenues from the Terai, but only 18% of the development budget is allocated to the region(until 2007, I am not sure of the recent figures). If the state benefits most from it why not invest in it? And again, even the hilly people who have migrated to the Terai would also benefit. All people of Nepal, including you, is expected to be aware of this fact.

It is the political Dharma of the Madheshi leaders to take care of the betterment of the entire Terai region. From a developmental point of view if Madheshi leaders are concerned about people of Madhesh why are you scared? Should not the Karnali leaders be concerned of the people living in Karnali region? Should not the leaders of any region be concerned of people of their region? Instead of raising question to Sarita Giri for being concerned of her people, why don’t you raise questions to other leaders who are not concerned of their people? Aren’t leaders supposed to be the representatives of the people of their constituency and raise voice on the issues that matter to the people of that constituency?

Ayush Sharma  –>  I m not trying to be judgemental but based on the experience I got from women leaders of all pol parties, I was personally dealing with them, my vote goes to sarita giri. And I am ready to debate on it with anybody coz I know lil bit of the nepalese pol. And it’s hidden fact.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Well, everyone in this nation, from east to west & north to south need to be equally treated. Our leaders weren’t the most intelligent, concerned politicians. They in fact have shown no or very little interest in building a nation. Taking a lesson from that we want such politicians who can decide for the good of people, who do not need to shout out to foreign power centers for their position. I believe we don’t need one from NC or CPN or the Maoists or any other party. He or She has to come independently. DO we have a system allowing that to happen? I am afraid not yet.

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  Bipin, therefore there is a need to change the system. The existing system is unfair to many many people of Nepal and it is designed to serve the interest of the people of one region-the pahadi region, one ethnic group- the khas-aryas, and one class- the hill upper caste/upper class males-aka upper class purush bahun/chhetris of Nepal. In order to share the power from this ruling class to even the most marginalized community, Identity Based Federalism is inevitable in Nepal.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  That is about dividing. If wrong has been happened in past, we do not want to correct it by going into Civil War.

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  I am not talking about the wrongs of the past, I am talking about wrongs happening today, and I think Identity Based Federalism (IBF) is the way to solution from our current problems.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  I ask why you guys think yourself as victims? I am a Brahmin and I look at equally. Why do I need to be labelled different from you? What have I done wrong to you? It was the corrupted politicians who could not think for all the Nepalese. I do not support their act. Lets unite, you me and others to kick them out and we live in peace and harmony.

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  I am a hill bahun myself. It’s not ‘you- Bipin Tripathi’ doing the injustice, it’s the system we have today that is doing injustice. So it is your responsibility, it is my duty to remove this unjust system.

Bipin Tripathi  –> India, the US, UN and other international power centers enforce IBF because they believe in Divide and Rule. We don’t want to blindly follow them.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Sometimes it’s king, sometimes it’s the national anthem, sometimes it the national uniform, most time it’s the running PM, other times it’s India….. we have to rise above this STUPID excuses (please forgive me for using it)

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Some say we need to change flag

Bipin Tripathi  –>  what is all this?

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Is this the new Nepal we talked about? Now after all these we establish between us a boundary that is based on identity. We are Nepali and that should be the only identity of ours. Under that identity we need to work together, find good in each others and prove to the world community, we are one. No one can divide us.

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  From my understanding of International Relations, India, China and the US are afraid that through IBF, people of Nepal will get access to state power and be able to decide on the issues that matter to them-like the issues of protection of one’s culture,language and identity, and that will impact in their own country (Following Nepal’s example, various marginalized communities that are fighting for their rights to the state power in India will start increasing their demands in India, Tibetans will start to voice for full autonomy in China, when indigenous people become powerful the US corporations will not be able to loot natural resources from various mines of South Asia), so they don’t want IBF. IBF empowers even the most marginalized communities of our country. It is in our national interest to go for IBF.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Okay that’s a new insight for me but still, can we go into building this nation with one identity? Is there no possibility at all? Can we preserve our culture and practices without having our own state first?

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  The one identity is the National identity. But what is national? A nation constitutes it’s nature(geography), it’s people, people’s languages, people’s culture. So to be a national minded means to want the development of it’s people, people’s language, people’s culture and so on. Is it not so?

Sarita Giri  –>  extremely interesting conversation!

Sarita Giri  –>  it is possible in Nepal given that we rise above our vested interest .

Sarita Giri  –>  there are multiple mechanisms method whereby we can both give rights and recognition to the people and kepp them together , united with one identity viz a viz the outside world

Sarita Giri  –>  but in CA , we could never discuss, we could never talk. they did not allow us

Sarita Giri  –>  and the irony is that political parties kept the CA in seizure and they kept the roads also under their seizure and the result is before us.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  I tell you Madam, I almost cried that night to see these CA members treated like no-ones!!

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Earlier that day I had taken a basket filled with grass all the way to BICC Gate from Kalanki, walking. Then the police took it off from me.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Later in the evening I regretted, should have taken it to Baluwataar!!

Sarita Giri  –>  The constitution is almost ready. because they could not solve the thorny question of power sharing outside parliament and they did not want to solve it inside the parliament. so we have lost a battle that was almost won.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  I see.

Sarita Giri  –>  do not worry. The battle is not totally lost.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Waste of resources though..

Sarita Giri  –>  good night guys1

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  Yeah, I was awake the whole night too (I live in the western hemisphere). But at that time I did not understand what state restructuring mean. The only thing I was hoping from the new constitution was a directly elected executive head of the country so there would be no more games of numbers in the parliament for making the government as we have had in the past.

Bashu Dev Lohani  –>  What does ‘they kept the roads also under their seizure’ mean?

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Good night to you and Mr. Bashu.

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Thank you for joining the conversation and useful insights Mrs Giri.

Sarita Giri  –>  i will explain tomorrow. In the brihat madheshi morcha movement , new truths behind such movements was revealed to me

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Yes we did have lots of hope. Only my intuition said PM was not resigning and therefore the constitution could not come. Well well well

Bipin Tripathi  –>  Great, will wait for that….

Sarita Giri  –>   the movements have other or hidden intention than the stated ones,

Bipin Tripathi  –>  I wish you Mrs Giri a Good Night Sleep. Definitely continue with you tomorrow…Sweet Dream!! Many thanks to Mr. Bashu for insightful conversation.


Bashu Dev Lohani writes actively on ‘Federalism in Nepal’. Find out why he does so at his blog Shashwat Instinct- Avenue of Thought (शाश्वत ब्रित्ती- बिचारको एक मार्ग) (visit Bashu’s Blog)

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