Is it cool to be a Gay? Conversation with Saguna

People think it’s cool to be a gay but it’s not. It’s an outcome of mental disorder. And it’s against the law of nature. Please god give strength to these mens so that they can handle a girl, have baby with them and A KID WILL HAVE MOM AND DAD. That would be so cool!! right??????

Saguna K Chhetri –> plz stop hating them!

Bipin Tripathi –> I am actually praying to god for them. They are my brothers and I want them to be able to flow with the nature. Now where do you see the hate saguna??

Bipin Tripathi –> You were lucky that you were born with a mom and a dad. How about this other saguna who will born tomorrow without one. If your generation has given that opportunity to you then it’s your responsibility to pass that to next generation. That’s how I see it.

Saguna K Chhetri –> their sexuality sud never be our choice….n y do u say its mental disorder.instead of praying love them for who they r n what they are if u consider them as ur brothers regardless. u r taking it on a diff level…who says a mother cannot be a father or a father cannot be a mom…i have an amazing dad who is both my mother n father..since i just have him n not a mother…

Bipin Tripathi –> Your mind controls your behavior, when you are not able to behave properly then you have mental disorder. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. I can say that.

Saguna K Chhetri –>i am not arguing on this topic. all i wish is just love them for who they….its amazing how u been here for a while in this country..n i am pretty sure have accepted the lifestyle..the fashion…the culture just not the pple n who they r …..i don’t have anything to discuss on this. have a nice day…i dont know if u know this or not but reserach shows that the place gay population is a lil more have low crime rates n high rates on college degree.

Bipin Tripathi –> You mentioned it so let’s be clear. You probably weren’t a test tube baby and you didn’t have two dads. That’s different!

Saguna K Chhetri –> not i am not a test tube baby n i still dont see y wud u pray for them..i think they r just fine n love their life n we love them a lot!!!!

Bipin Tripathi –> You know I have nothing to prove against them or against you or against anybody. Homosexuality is not something to be proud of. What you do at home is your private life but coming out on the street, dressing like a woman, with boobs and stuff, putting lipstick on is sick behavior. If my brother did that I would take him to the doctor. It’s not cool. It’s shouldn’t be a fashion.

Saguna K Chhetri –> hahah then u sud stop goin out!!! if thats what u wish ..then i suggest u to go try to know them..know their life. that way either u change ur view or they wil change their sexuality…hehe..try it n let me kow

Bipin Tripathi –> And before somebody posts a picture of mine dressing like a girl, I have to mention that I once participated in a drag queen contest with Amber. I dressed as a girl and she dressed like a guy, we were partners. At that time I might have thought it was cool but I would not do that again! Finally, I do not hate them or anything like that, I actually had some friends who were very helpful and very gentle, later I found out they were gay. I just don’t think that Homosexuality should be promoted..

Saguna K Chhetri –> i cant change the way u think……

Bipin Tripathi –> I had great time with you in salem…..hope there are so many people out there enjoying your company. god bless you beautiful lady. ttys

[Discussion from September 30, 2010 on Facebook]

This is my personal view on Homosexuality. Is is nothing against any person or group. I believe that everyone has right to live. I also believe no one is good or bad, we can only judge on their activity. This judgement comes from our understanding, our beliefs.  If you think I am misunderstood on anything, please feel free to email me at

4 thoughts on “Is it cool to be a Gay? Conversation with Saguna

  1. Interesting, but I think there is one major misunderstanding. Each person should have the right to choose their own path in life as long as they don’t hurt or interfere negatively with the lives of others.


    • In country like America, a 10 year old baby has to spend 4 days of the week with mother and other three with his father. I will talk about it some other time. But how about a child’s right to have a father and a mother?

      I was working at a Deli in downtown Cleveland. One Friday evening a couple walked into the store and asked for two jumbo corned beef. This man with the girl is drunk. After a close look I see that the girl is actually a man. Now this drunk man who thinks he has this beautiful girl with him for the night. Why should he be fooled?

      There have been numbers of incidents where young boys are kidnapped and raped. That has happened to girls as well. I condemn that. But why promote homosexuality? Why a man discard woman and why a woman discard man? Aren’t we going against nature? I am not talking about society, not a big fan of it but nature is like god to me, it is god. Why go against it??


      • Sexuality isn’t something that anyone “promotes”. It’s something people discover in puberty. In puberty a person starts realizing who they’re attracted to. Some people are more attracted to blondes or brunettes. To taller or shorter people. To thinner or more curvy people, to men or to women.
        Was it different for you? Did you wake up one morning and decide you were going to like women instead of men? Can your mind be changed?

        The world doesn’t operate on utopian ideals. There’s no guarantee a child will have a mother and a father. Either of the parents can die at any moment. The father may work so much the child rarely sees them. The mother may be an alcoholic. The father could be a woman-beater. In any of those very common cases I would say it’s better for a child to be with a loving responsible parent or parents independent of their gender or sexuality.

        If you want to talk about nature, I suggest you study a bit of biology. Homosexuality is documented in 1500 species of animals. Gay Male Penguins often adopt abandoned eggs which they go on to hatch and raise. I think it’s you who’s going against nature.


  2. Is it not sick behavior dressing up like a woman? Can a man carry a baby? I have seen it has become fashion for many. Many do it to earn their living. A problem arised with a lack of some hormone and we go about changing the Male and Female relationship of the humans??


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