What is this thing called Pinterest? How to use it?

Pinterest Logo
What is this new thing called Pinterest? And how to use it?
Pinterest is the third largest social media site allowing you to organize your interests on the web. Once you have an account with pinterest, you then can create numbers of boards which will contain your pins. It not only lets you organize your interest but also enables you to share them with the world community easily. While in facebook, you only reach limited people, Pinterest lets you see and share pins from everyone which helps you to build a circle sharing similar interest.
You can also use Pinterest to promote your business. Most of it’s users are women staying at home. If you can address their preference then you might as well do a good business.
If you are new to Pinterest and want to get started, please follow this wiki article- How to use Pinterest? It offers a detailed article with screenshots.

If you like to see my activities there, visit pinterest.com/bpntrp. See you there!!

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