How to set a Custom URL for your Google+ Profile?

Google Profile

I am following this wave of creating custom url for all of my social media profiles. After Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr, & LinkedIn it became obvious to change my Google+ url.

It is a bit tricky though. To make custom url for your Google+ profile you are going to get help from this Google+ URL Shortner tool called ‘Google Plus Nick’ (not by Google but works PERFECT!!).

It is very easy. Follow me please:

1. Login to your Google account.

2. On the top bar click on +Your_Name (for me it is +Bipin). OR type on the address bar.

3. Now you are on the Home page of Google+. On the left side click on Profile (just below ‘home‘)

4. After your profile loads, check out the address bar. You should see something like

Google Plus Profile

5. It is good. Now, simply copy the numbers between ‘com/’ and ‘/posts’

6. In the address bar type and hit enter.

7. On the homepage, locate Nick Name input box. There, type desired nickname that will be followed by (e.g. for me it is bpntrp

Google Plus Nick tool
8. Now, to the right, where is says enter Google+ Id, click > right click > select paste

9. Now, hit add.

10. Congratulations! You just created a custom URL for you Google+ Profile page. Copy the url, and paste it on the address bar to see if it really works.. hehe….Its does!!!

NOTE: If you have put a link to Google+ profile already, no worries! It will still work because Google still uses the same old id. Google Plus Nick is not a Google product but it has more than 500K users already, including CNN, BBC World. Mashable, PC World and many other famous groups.

Enjoy having a recallable url for your Google Plus Profile!! Cheers!!! (Add me if you like at

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