My first job in Cleveland, Jake’s Deli Pictures

On the second day of mine in Cleveland, Ohio I went out looking for a job to Parma Heights. Nothing worked on my side. When returning back to downtown, I realized that I had no change to pay for the next bus that I was taking to my apartment.

After getting off at the Public Square I see this store right in front of me. I go in and grab a bottle of water. The cashier is an old man with a smile. I hand him 20 dollar bill and tell him that all I needed was change for the bus. Then a young man sitting next to him asks me if I want to work? Well, that’s what I have been looking for all day and now I am not even expecting it and is just offered to me. Great, right? We talked about responsibilities, hours and pay, I was fine with 8 dollars per hour to begin with. Then I asked him when do you want me to start? He goes, “From NOW”.

Jake's Deli in Downtown Cleveland

I said all right and hopped behind the counter. From 6/7 in the evening I worked till 9pm. We closed the store then Sean said he could drop me by the apartment. I liked the idea. On the way he asked me where I was from and all and I told him I was from Nepal, worked in a deli in New Jersey and now was here to attend Cleveland State University.

I also asked him what he did? He said, “I am at the store only cause my father is visiting California. In couple days he will be back. I work at a hospital.”

Before I got off at 2200 Prospect Ave, he reminded me to show up at work on time. I said I will and shouted “Thank you very much Sean and Good Night! See you tomorrow!!”

So many things I could share with you about my experience there. Will post them some other time. For now, why don’t I share with you some pictures.

Hot Corned Beef window sign Cleveland Downtown

This is Hot Corned Beef sign displayed on the window

Jake's Deli downtown Cleveland (Public Square)

Public buses stop right there. That’s where I got off.

Jake's Deli in downtown Clevelad Ohio
This is how the store looks like inside.

Jake the owner of Jake's Deli in Cleveland (aka CHICO)
Jake, also known as Chico used to call me ‘Tito’ In Nepali it means bitter. I don’t know what it meant in Arabic. Yes, he is from Palestine.

Fresh Pickle at Jake's Deli in Cleveland
Customers loved these fresh pickles. I actually didn’t know before some places charged for it. A whole pickle was a dollar. People went crazzy for it!!

Freshly cooked Corned Beef still inside the pot
There was this big pot where we cooked Corned Bief that came in a huge can from Vienna company.

Slicing corned beef at Jakes Deli Cleveland
My co-worker and good friend slices the corned beef and warps a sandwich portion in a wax paper.

Sliced freshly cooked Corned Beef at Jake's Deli
Sliced Corned Beef, it was the most popular item there.

Sandwich Preparation (corned beef on rye with swiss-cheese and mustard)
Preparing Hot corned beef on rye bread with swiss cheese and mustard.

Gyro meat preparation (being roasted)
Gyro meat being roasted!

Sliced freshly cooked Gyro meat at Jake's Deli Cleveland
Sliced Gyro meat to use on a Pita sandwich.

Salim, Jake, & Bipin Tripathi at Jake's Deli Cleveland
Jake, Salim & Me. Salim was a very nice man. Cared about the business a lot and knew how to feal with customers. Always shouted Hammudi at me, may be he though tI was like a little kid. Well, that’s the best way to enjoy life, I tell you. It is snowing outside. Inside, above us, you see these posters I designed.

I take my own picture inside Jake's Deli in Cleveland
I don’t know if you would believe me but, we used to have these customers stealing stuffs. Always had to watch them closely. Most customers were great but some liked stealing. No problem, it was fun chasing them.

I hope you enjoyed this ride with me back to Cleveland. Please write your thoughts and I will take time to read them. Thanks a lot. Have a great time! Smiles!!

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