Solution: Psychological or Logical? Rory Sutherland at TED

I do enjoy watching these TED Talk videos on different subject matters. They are very insightful. This one I am sharing with you is on Perspective.

6 Hundred million pounds spent to reduce the journey time between Paris and London by about 40 minutes.

For less than 1 percent of that money, you could have put WiFi on the train, which wouldn’t have reduced the duration of journey but would have improved its enjoyment and usefulness far more.

For may be 10 percent of the money you could have paid all of the world’s top male and female super models to walk up and down the train handing out free Chateau Petrus to all passengers. You would still have 5 billion pounds in change and people would ask for the train to be slowed down.

Why were we not given chance to solve that problem psychologically?

Rory Sutherland thinks it is because there is an imbalance in the way we treat creative emotionally driven psychological ideas verses the way we treat rational numerical spreadsheet driven ideas.

Watch this video below to see his speech on ‘Perspective is everything’ during a TED session.

Hope it was insightful for you. Thank you, have a great time!

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