Yoga for Digestive Disorders, 5 Belly Movements by Asanga

During my recent trip to Pokhara, I was privileged to spend few quality time at Sadhana Yoga Retreat. Durga and Asanga, the owners are very friendly and this place only feels like a home away from home, for me and for every participants I have met there.

The location is just wonderful; lying in the middle of nature at the same time providing panoramic view of beautiful Phewa lake and Pokhara city. Smoke and alcohol free environment, best food any traveler can get in Nepal, and full day of routined activities including two times yoga, two times meditation, mud & steam bath, chanting, nasal cleansing make this place a number 1 destination in Nepal, according to Lonely Planet.

Sadhana Yoga building seen from Lake Side pokhara

Since, Asanga himself adopted this life-style, after a long term depression, indigestion, fatigue and stressful mind at an early age of seventeen, he was keen to produce this video and help people struggling with digestive disorders.

In the video he shows this most impressive and powerful practice of yogic science known as Nauli Kriya.

This practice involves 5 different movements of belly

1. In and out movement of belly
2. Side movement of belly
3. Rotation of belly
4. Isolation of belly
5. Contraction of belly

This practice has 6 main benefits, and they are:

1. Good elimination of toxins from the digestive tract
2. Improvement on digestion
3. Regular bowel movement (removes constipation)
4. Strong core muscles
5. Good appetite
6. Healthy digestive system which will nourish the whole body

Sadhana Yoga Rtereat offers a 6 days Fasting and Gastro-Intestinal Cleansing course aiming to purify your entire digestive system and eliminate accumulated toxins in the body.

If you are traveling to Nepal be sure to check this place out. Eat well, exercise regularly and enjoy good health!



Yoga Retreat in the middle of the Nature! Photo

Neti Kriya – Nasal Cleansing at Sadhana Photo

Horse Ride in naturally beautiful Pokhara, Nepal Photo

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