My Message to Ex-Prince of Nepal Mr. Paras Shah

Below is a full text of a message that I sent to Ex-Prince of Nepal, Mr. Paras Shah(on Facebook) | wrote it instantly and did not review, so please forgive me for any structural errors:

Dear Paras Shah, Namaskaar to you!

I heard, long ago there was a king who, from his palace, if seen any house without smoke, used to have his people go and see if the family had any food to prepare meal.

I don’t know if that is possible today. But truly believe that only a King can be an umbrella for everyone inside a nation.

I hear that Birendra was working closely with Maoists and the massacre happened around the time when he was preparing to buy weapons from China. Only RAW & CIA could have done it with help of Nepali politicians who thought that Birendra was against Democracy.

When your father took over all the power, banned media and all, that was the time I thought, okay this man is going to bring some real change. I thought that because when you have this fully corrupt and broken system, you cannot let things go just the way it had been. All these media organizations were carrying some sort of political agenda anyway.

But that did not last too long. I closely observed the protest, where people were brought to street with money, all these participants got at least 100Rs per day and accommodation for free.

One of the slogan that I still remember being shouted by youths in the crowd is this: “Paras ko Swasni Haamlai de”. And there were many slogans which represented more the immaturity of protesters.

They weren’t on the street against monarchy. They were there just cause they were getting paid. That’s what happens when your people are uneducated and or not capable of deciding what is right for them, what is right for the nation.

Politicians, most of them never seem to be responsible for nation building and more than that they are not responsible for their own activity. Anyone can do anything. What kind of democracy are we practicing in this most beautiful land on earth?

I, and many others, had a hope with Baburam but after all that had gone after him on char, now I hear he has lost his ethics & morals and now is involved in Human Trafficking. Him, Rhidayash Tripathi, Bijay Kumar Gachhadaar among top. I also hear your close relative is involved in this along with Prachanda’s son.

I don’t want to believe it but just want to tell you that it is coming from sources close to the government. I only want to believe that this is not the reality, same do all true Nepalis.

How about you do something for this country? Have you got the guts to take Nepal to being a kingdom, with a king who is concerned about his people other than anything?

I look forward to hearing positive response from you.

-A Nepali citizen and a human being seeking to contribute towards building a strong Nation and sending a positive message to the whole world. Peace..

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