Being Vegetarian is Crazzy??

A popular radio host, positive thinker and Facebook friend of mine, Miss Rita Limbu, posted that someone called her crazy because she is a vegetarian.

You know, I have learned that a little madness helps a lot to enjoy things that normal people simply cannot. Just cause you are vegetarian, someone calls you crazy, then that person is missing something, you know!

Please let no one make you feel inferior. It is a healthy choice and also a pro animal right act to be a vegetarian. If we cannot give a life then let’s not take one either.

Remember! When that mosquito bites us, we cannot tolerate that pain, can we? How about that goat, chicken or pig? Why kill them?

Humanity, if we have got a little bit of it, should help us keep from harming any animal.

Animal Love [src:]

One incident: I was on a Tempo heading to Ratnapark (main public transportation hub in Kathmandu). These women were talking about the market prices skying up. One lady goes on expressing her biggest concern- “This is a month of Shrawan (many fast during this month, worsip lord Siva, unmarrieds ask for perfect husband and the marrieds ask for longer age to their husbands, nice practice, isn’t it?) and still the meat price is not getting cheaper”. I say to myself, really??

Growing up in a village the only time we ate meat was during the festival of Dashain (the biggest festival of Hindus), and we were fine. These days you see in Kathmandu, every next store is a fresh meat house.

I cannot stop someone from eating meat, I would not either but may be we can be more conscious of our acts.

See for yourself if you really need to consume meat. Do you take it just cause it taste good or does your body need it?? Proteins you can get from the beans!!

I will be very grateful if these words mean something.


2 thoughts on “Being Vegetarian is Crazzy??

  1. Being vegeterian is a personal choice and as long as people are happy with their decision, we should all respect it. There are so many people living a healthy life being a vegeterian. Like you mentioned, people may look for non-animal source of protein such as beans, tofu etc or get B12 supplementation because that is only the key nutrient missing in non-animal protein…I remember while I was in Nepal, meat was special, mainly for Saturdays but it seems like its a every day fare now.


    • First of all can I just say that you look amazingly beautiful on this photo on top of your ‘About Me’ page?

      Nepali is more than just a nationality. Good to know you have grown up in this region.

      This post was more on the feeling. Thank you much for providing some technical information.

      I did have opportunity to take Human Nutrition 101 some time back. Lately, I believe in life in food rather than the numbers.

      Someone wrote: Data on calorie, joule, protein, vitamin, mineral etc are necessary to a degree but they miss the essential point. It’s almost like judging a piece of music only by the volume of sound.

      That someone is Otto Wolf and my favorite piece of his writing goes like this: As people lost sight of the fact that food is derived from formerly alive plants and animals, they switched from honoring food as a gift of life from one being to another, to viewing food as biochemical nutrition.

      My best wishes to you that you posses a deep understanding of true value of food. Understanding is followed by action. Action that is an end to itself.

      Thank you again for taking time to read this post. For taking time to write your thoughts. SMiles from Kathmandu..


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