It is always a Joy to meet someone who is Understanding

A week ago I wrote to her:

Namaste dear Iva(not the real name/ for privacy)! The next day I visited other school and spend some quality time with kids. Last night I got back to Kathmandu. I see you added pictures from the school visit. You take beautiful pictures!
It is great connecting to you on facebook. I had so much lovely time with you and your wonderful friends that I actually missed when you left for chitwan.
Hopefully I will see you again soon. My best wishes you have a great experience… SMiles

Last night I received her reply:

Thanks for the sweet message Bipin I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you. I admire so deeply your passion and ever seeking spirit. Your warmth is so contagious- i don’t doubt that you touch people every single day. Nepal is lucky to have someone like you.
Thanks again for allowing us to accompany you on such a fabulous experience. I really hope to return to the school once more before I leave nepal- I just have to find people to come with me!
Best wishing on your spiritual journey. I hope our paths cross again

I send her again few words this hour:

I feel that we find what we seek. Thank you Iva for seeking the contagious warmth in this guy. These are words you are sending me now. I was able to see it in your eyes while we were at the school. You have beautiful eyes and your smile is something always to remember. The trip was an end to itself. No means to anywhere. We are imperfect. Will always strive to learn and be good, do good. With honesty, and a little attachment, I say, it will be a great joy to be sharing moments again with someone as understanding as you. Life is beautiful. Keep smiling dear Iva. SMiles..

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