Chicken, Eggs, Milk, and Heineken

Heineken,  Milk, Eggs, and Chicken in the refrigerator

Well, there have been times when I relied on few things for living survival. This photo I took in my Cleveland apartment.

There’s ginger paste, lemon juice (that I squeezed in my rice), Heineken beer, seasoned potatoes, left over rice, eggs, chicken, milk and in that container there must be some lentil.

So many Heinekens because I couldn’t sleep without them. I would go to bed around 11pm normally. 1am I find myself still wondering in thoughts. Then had to get out of bed and grab one of these to get my brain relax.

Need them no more after I discovered the quick relaxation technique at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in NYC. Also my awesome brother Bigyan helped me with it.

These days I drink once a month may be or less.

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