In Salem, Time did not stop; same spot with different people

Randolph Hall to SIU main campus area
I was assigned to stay in the Randolph Building initially. Stayed there for about a year.

While two of the dorms, one for the boys and the other for girls only was near by the main campus, this dorm I was staying [Randolph] was bit far.

This photo you see above was my route to the main campus. Even when there was no class I had to make it there at least three times a day for meal and snacks.

This photo below taken on March 10, 2006 (with my uncle who dropped me to the campus for the first time)
In Salem with RK uncle

Even March felt so cold because I was never exposed to such cold weather in Nepal.

Anun, Bimal, Bhuwan, Raveen and Bipin in salem

In August new Nepali students joined me in the Randolph building. On the picture, from left Anun Ratna Bajcharya, Bhuwan Tiwari (my second roommate, first was a Taiwanese guy), Bimal Parajuli (Bhuwan’s 2nd roommate and my third roommate’s 1st roommate)- hope you still with me hehe.., next to Bimal is Raveen Singh, and all the way to the right Bipin Tripathi, myself.

These friends studied for that semester and then transferred to different part of the States. Then I was left to walk the same path with new guys again.

Bipin, Kumod and friend in salem
On the left Kumod Aryal, myself in the middle and Kumod’s roommate to the right (cannot believe that I forgot his name..)

Nepali Students, Salem International University, 2007

Rameshwor Dahal, now living in Edison, New Jersey took last two photos.

Miss you all!!

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