Nepali Students Dancing – Salem – Photos

Nepali Dance- Darpan Chhaya - Salem
From left Bindiya Maharjan, Kriti Paudel, and Indu dancing on Nepali song ‘Darpan Chhaya’ [Nepali New Year Celebration (’07)]

There were many Nepali students when I was attending Salem International University.

These photos that I am sharing with you are from this New Year Celebration Program that we organized with support from the university in the year 2007.

Nepali Dance - Darpan Chhaya - Salem
Kriti, Bindiya and Indu performing on ‘Darpan Chhaya’

Kriti Dances on Darpan Chhaya - Salem

Kriti was an amazing dancer. You saw her on the stage and on the floor as well.

Nepali Students in Salem Dancing
From left Bitals Maharjan, TB Gurung and Mani Maharjan performing on ‘Ekadasi Bazaraima’

Nepali Students in Salem Dancing

Learning the Nepali dance moves
Andrea learns the Nepali moves with Keshab

We had a good rapport with native students. They loved our spicy food. For this event they showed up in huge number.

Nepali Dance - Tala Besima Maichyang - Salem
My Performance on Tala Tala Besima Maichyang along with Eshant, Anjana and Bindiya

I enjoy watching dances but am not a great dancer. It took a great amount of effort from Iva, Sabina, Bindiya & Indu to prepare me for this performance.

Nepali New Year Celebration Dance - Salem
Look at her, she knows it already!!

See you on the next post…

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