Pictures from the School Visit (Dhading, Nepal)

School for Unprivileged Children from Chepang Community, Dhading, Nepal

Woke up 5 in the morning. In this photo below you see my father take early morning milk-with-rice (in the front of our tea shop in Malekhu). A big cup of milk was enough for me.

Early morning, Rice with Milk, Malekhu, Sacks filled with Clothes

In the sacks are the clothes that I collected from two of my friends- Prabita Shrestha & Anjani Raya. Maya Aryal dropped some notebooks.

Walk to the school involves walking up hill, after half an hours of bike ride along the Malekhu spring and no food is available in the area. Did not want to pack anything cause we had to come right back for another meeting.

Road connecting villages, Dhading Nepal

Last time I was there, only last month with AnnMarie and her three friends, road wasn’t this good. This time I see they have graveled. On the way we cross a spring (other than Malekhu) with no bridge (for bikes/motors).

Crossing spring with bike, near Malekhu Dhading

A village lady carries vegetables to the market

Some years before there would be a lot of villagers carrying their own products to the market in Malekkhu Bazaar when there was no transportation. This time we saw few making it on their feet.

After half an hour of bike ride, we are at this point now that we can see the school on the other side of the Malekhu spring. We walk down to the stream. Cross the spring. The stones were slippery. Almost dropped ourselves up. On the way back it was easy I will tell you later how come.

Climbing up hill in a village of Dhading, School visit

On the other side of the spring we begin our climb up the hill. 20 minutes of not-so-easy climb and we are on top where the school is located.

School for unprivileged kids in Dhading Nepal

Kids from around the area can get first grade education from here. It is helping small kids who cannot make it to the school on the other side of spring. (this photo from my last visit)

Kids arriving in the school, village in Dhading

In summer the schools runs in the morning, so that small kids don’t have to walk under the hot sun and get fever. After we waited a bit the kids started to show up, around 7am.

View to the left of school, village Dhading

View to the left of school.

View to the right of school, village Dhading

View to the left of school.

Notebooks from Maya Aryal, school in a village of Dhgading

I hand the teachers few notebooks from my friend Maya Aryal.

Beautiful kids in a village of Dhading

Oh, Kids, beautiful!!

Giving out clothes to school kids in village, Nepal

Giving out clothes.

Giving out clothes to the school kids, Nepal

Many thanks to dear friends Prabita and Anjani (from Kathmandu).

School Kid, Dhading, Nepal

Village woman carrying baby, school visit, Dhading

We finish up in the schoo and start our walk down the hill with promise to come back with something for the kids. Below photo I took on the way back, of kids going to a different school.

School kids on the way, Dhading Nepal

SMiles from Kathmandu!

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