Celebrating Nepali’s Biggest Festival in Salem – Photos

Dashian in Salem, Nepali Students Abroad, Festival

In the month of October, generally, lies the biggest festival of us Nepalis- DASHAIN. It is a celebration of victory of good over evil.

During 9 days of this festival we worship lord Durga, who helps us get rid of all the negativity.

People in numbers of tens of thousands leave for their home everyday. For this festival 2 millions are believed to travel away from city. It is third day and Kathmandu is quiet already.

I will talk about it more on next post, how we are planning to celebrate and all. For now I wanted to share with you and my dear friends some photos from the very fist Dashain of mine in the States, year 2006.

Suyog gets tika from my grandfather, Dashain 2006 Salem

In the photo my good friend Suyog gets TIKA (red thing of forehead, symbol of victory) put on by my grandfather. For this festival, we receive tika and blessing from elders.

I was lucky that my Grandfather visited US during this time, his first while my grandmother had made it twice already. It happened cause my uncle lived there since 1998, best man in our family.

Subash Shrestha and Grandpa Indra, Dashain 2006 Salem

My friend Subash receiving Tika and blessing. He later moved to Baltimore. Called me sometimes while I was living in New York. Hope he does well.

Bipin, Dhana and Bimal with Grandpa Indra, Dashain 2006 Salem

Me, Dhana, Grandpa and Bimal (happy)..

Bipin receives Tika from RK Tripathi (uncle), Dashain 2006, Salem

I receive Tika and blessings from uncle Ram- the pillar of our family.

Suyog Paneru receives tika and blessings from uncle Gyanu

Suyog receives Tika nd Blessings from uncle Gyanu.

After Tika group photo with native friends, Dashain 2006 Salem

This whole thing was happening at the Randolph Hall of Salem International University. After tika we came out to the lobby where we were joined by Floor RAs. They even put on Nepali hat.

After Tika we gathered in a hall for meal.

Dashain Meal, Nepali Students Salem International Unicersity

Back in the days Dashain was the only time in a year that we ate meat. (I quit, December 2010)

Dsahain Mutton, Salem Nepali Students

GD Timilsina in-charge of serving. Miss all you guys!!

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