5th Day of Dashain Festival 2069BS – Activities in Kalanki, Kathmandu

Dashain Festival 2069, Kalanki Truck Ride, Kathmandu
On the 5th day of Dashain festival, Kalanki the only entry and exit point for land transportation saw thousands of people leaving the city to see their family back home. It is believed that everyday until the main day, which is on the 24th of October, tens of thousands of people leave Kathmandu city.

While long trips are done in a bus with advance booking, truck is the only option for local passengers, traveling short distance. In the bus, one will get no seat, on top pay double fare.

Traveling during festival like Dashain has this year been less harassing, thanks to the Baburam government for addressing the issue timely, after media reported about the misconduct by bus operators. They [bus operators] would not sell ticket at the counter saying they have no seats, forcing passengers to buy it with outsiders paying extremely high price.

Crowd in Kalanki during Dashian Festival, Khasibazar

This photo I took from newly built overhead crossing in Kalanki. So many people on the sidewalks- buying things or waiting for someone or waiting for their bus to arrive.

Foreigners (also) traveling on their own, Kathmandu

Usually foreigners buy a packaged tours where everything- transportation, meal (bed & breakfast), sightseeing etc are handled by the travel company. But some tourists come here planning to stay for 2/3 month. For them it to too expensive to go with the tour operators, so they do it all on their own. If you learn basic Nepali then it is pretty easy to go explore things oneself. Number is increasing..

Buses leaving Kathmandu during Dashain, festival time

All day the road is full of buses leaving city. In the background you see newly built overhead crossing. It must be the largest in the valley.

Micro-bus is getting popular among native travelers, Nepal

For they are faster means of land transportation, micro-buses have become very popular among native travelers. In the photo above you see a close look at the crowd waiting nearby bus stop in Kalanki and on the right a queue of micro-buses also known as hiace.

Wherever you are, I hope good times being lived through you. If you are a Nepali or familiar with this festival please share your experience. I would love to hear and yes, will post more photos soon!!

SMiles.. [11.20PM | Kathmandu]

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