I commented on RD Revilo’s Post ‘Suicidal Joy’

I would not have fell for the title but this image did do something. I am happy to see people are concerned about the ever-growing use of drugs[medicine] and express publicly.

Pills - Suicidal Joy (RD Rvelilo's Blog)

Pills – Suicidal Joy (RD Rvelilo’s Blog)

I recommend that you check this post (it willtake you about 2 minutes to read the whole post, it’s very short) by visiting -> Suicidal Joy.

I commented:

With all the doctors and technology in place how come the number of patients only increasing? Drugs (in the sense of medicine) do not heal. If it does anything it hides the pain temporarily which will come back in bigger volume later on.

Body has a natural healing mechanism. Keep your physical body healthy by following this guideline by some famous person- “Eat less. Move more. And eat lots of fruits and vegetables.”
Your body can heal when it is kept well. Or you can always go only deeper in the problem with the kind help of drugs (again in the sense of medicine).

It is indeed a suicide as RD Revilo and many who have understood the truth behind put it.
Many thanks for shedding light on this matter.
SMiles from Kathmandu..

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