Lady with Jamara on her Hair - Dashain 2069BS - Kathmandu

The biggest festival of Nepalese ended last week. 15 days of it seemed to pass so quickly. My first Dashain in Kathmandu, I got to see with my eyes how quiet this city could get after many headed home.

Bagmati bridge, Kathmandu (Quiet street during Dashain)

Entering Kathmandu from Patan, Bagmati bridge

Tripureshwor, Kathmandu (quiet street during Dashain festival)

United World Trade Center on the left, Tripureshwor

Machinery tools worshiped on the 8th day of Dashain Festival

On the 8th day of Dashain people worship Machinery tools. My uncle rides this VR.

On the Job during Dashain festival, Kathmandu (auto mechanics)

10th day is the main day of the festival; only one day earlier these auto mechanics participate in no celebration. On the job all day.

Cucumber Pickle during Dashain Festival

Delicious Cucumber Pickle; prepared only this time of the year. I love pickles. How do you like them?

Swing ride during Dashain Festival, Tyanglaphat

Swing ride; near by where I live.

Dashain 2069BS Tika, Bipin's Family in Kathmandu

Not everyone in my family was present on the main day for tika. 9 out of 18 got together and made it fun. If you celebrated, it must have been enjoyable.

Goodbye Dashain 2069BS!!

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