6 Cups of Milk Tea

I’mma big fan of milk tea. I love it the Nepali way with masala in it. They call it ‘Masala Tea’.

Yesterday I enjoyed about half a dozen of them throughout my journey back to Kathmandu starting from a popular sunrise view point in Pokhara.

First cup of milk for the day I had at this lodge I was staying in Sarangkot hill top Pokhara.New Tourist Lodge Sarangkot Hill Top Pokhara
It was made with pure buffalo milk drawn freshly in the village near by. It started me in the morning to walk down the steep hill to Lakeside.

Right before getting to the main road on the bottom of the hill, I stopped at this family house of Sadhana Yoga owners. I know them closely as I stayed there for about six months helping with website and assistance in yoga and meditation classes.

I wanted to stay there for had to come back to Kathmandu due to family issues.

Durga, Mrs owner prepared a delicious cup of tea which I did not capture on the camera but you can see empty glass to the left.

Milk tea at Sadhana Yoga Family home in Pokhara

On the photo their youngest son Nishant who is super active kid singing, dancing, jumping, telling stories all the time. After three years in school he finally knows abcd. Made me happy.

Shortly I started walking towards lake side. While grabbing a cheese cake at a bakery I felt like having it together with milk tea so, you know, went for another one. I came in a big glass and was delicious.

Milk tea at Hungry Feel Bakery located in Lakeside Pokhara

You don’t see the cheese cake on this photo. I feel like posting about the while 3 day trip so, I will include it in the next post.

Rupees 25 for it. I could have paid more. Hehe..

Then I left Pokhara to head towards Kathmandu. What I did was instead of catching a direct bus I got on a local bus which dropped me in Dumre.

There I had earlier stayed at this rest point, and the tea they prepared was very delicious. You know, I wanted it.

Bipin Tripathi having milk tea at Sumira Rest Point in Dumre

Lovely taste it had.. After this I climbed up to Bandipur.

By this time I was ready for snacks. Egg fried with beaten rice and milk tea at a lady I know well in Bandipur.

Bipin Tripathi having milk tea in Bandipur

Extra color with extra sugar, just how I like it. After half an hour of rest I headed to Mugling.

There I enjoyed the last cup for the day before taking bus to Kathmandu.

Bipin having milk tea at Saraswati Khaja Ghar

This post just to let people know ow much I love milk tea.. SMiles!!

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