Happy & Goodbye Thanksgiving 2012!

Thanksgiving 2012 - Ram Krishna Tripathi USA

This photo my uncle in the States sent me last night form his blackberry. Two years ago, we were out having lunch at a restaurant in New Jersey.

“I stopped eating fish and meat”, I told him.

“Do you know who [human] live the longest on earth?”, he asked.

“I do not know. Never learned it. Is it them Japanese?”, I replied.

He insisted me to guess again but I had no idea so I expressed my interest in knowing the answer from him.

“It’s the Italians”, he said with a smile. “They are the ones consuming more meat than anybody and still live the longest”, he added.

I could have argued with him a bit but simply let him be happy that he enjoys meat and it’s okay until a day will come when you will feel into stopping it. I have met people who were vegetarians by birth but later started eating meat. There are others who ate in the beginning, then stopped for some time, then again came back to eating.

It’s a feeling that works with it. More than anything, I just don’t feel like eating. I am happy with this choice.

Have you thought about my reply to him after he mentioned about the Italians? Well, I don’t know if it was the right thing to say but I went, “You know I don’t want to live so long. The early I leave the body, the less drama I will have to be part of.”

Again, I feel it was kind of selfish to say that. You don’t always know the best thing do say or do in situations. This thing called learning never ends in life, does it?

Being born and raised in Nepal I am used to different festivals, happening around same time but celebrated differently. While in the States (I stayed there for a little less than five years) I usually worked on thanksgiving day. In the evening, when I was in New York with my uncle, I joined the family gathering for dinner.

Most memorable Thanksgiving for me was in the year 2010. Then, I was working at Frame Gourmet Eatery next to AP building in the city. Robin, Mrs Owner, asked me if I wanted the Turkey or Sweet Potato Pie to take home? Since I had stopped eating dead animals recently, I chose the latter.

I brought it home after work. In my mind there was this feeling that sweet potato pies are not tasty. So it was there in the fridge. I told my uncle(on the photo above) about the pie. He opened the box and started eating. Just after first bite he commented it was delicious. After watching him enjoy it so much, I had to try. Then only, I knew what I was missing in life (not really in life in eating may be, hehe..). It was the Sweet Potato. I regretted not knowing they could be so delicious.
My most memorable Thanksgiving, Hehe……

To be thankful for what we have and what we are is always rewarding. May this day always remind us to be thankful in our everyday life.

SMiles from Kathmandu.. (BTW, Do Italians live the longest??)

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