Walking Across a Lake

Bipin Exploring Frozen Lake in Salem

Never seen a lake, frozen. First winter in the States, in Salem, attendning Salem International University, in the year 2006, there were many things to feel strange about, above all to be happy about.

One morning in November my friend Ben asked me if I would like to go see a frozen lake near by. I thought it was an cool idea.

My native friend Eshant joined me and Ben to visit the lake which was only about 15 minutes of drive from the campus. We all were living on-campus.

The lake came to sight right after leaving the highway. There was this small road going to a village that was past the lake.

I was so excited that got out of the car before them. After seeing it so closely, this whole lake frozen, I excitedly said to them lets cross it and go to the other side and went in the lake, started waling over the ice.

Bipin Enjoys Exploring Frozen Lake in Salem

“Bipin, be careful. It might break and you might fall into the water!” said, Ben.

Eshant added, “Yeah man…come out of there.”

“No, guys. It is not going to break. Come get into the lake”, I said.

A Plate in a Frozen Lake

They did not believe me at all. Then I had to something that only I could do. I started jumping on it. I said “I am jumping on it. Do you see? It is not going to break. Now, come and have fun!!”

After that Eshant joined me. Then finally Ben.

Eshant on the wood  - Frozen Lake

Ben Having Fun in a Frozen Lake

Oh, it was just amazing. Walking over a lake, jumping on it, walking across it.

Bipin Having Fun in Frozen Lake

On the edge there we saw ice starting to break slowly.

Broken Frozen Ice

Now in Kathmandu. Can only miss it when I think about it.

Bipin Tripathi on the tree

Yes, I did manage to climb a tree!!! Oh, situations get the best out of me, also worst at times. Anyway, you have a great time visitor!!

5 thoughts on “Walking Across a Lake

  1. Love your delighted reactions to things that seem commonplace to us! In Ottawa we have a 7km long canal, so you can skate for ages, right through the city. I have a feeling you’d really like it.🙂


    • Dear Karen, it so so and so nice to be receiving your thoughts. I would definitely love exploring your canal.

      When I look at things now, it is possible to like every moments, every little moments. I like this moment reading your comment in the notification department and sending you back few words.

      You posted earlier that a special post is coming. Will wait for it!!!

      Dear Karen, on the other side of the globe, why don’t you have a very great day today..

      SMiles from Kathmandu..


    • Well, I would love to do it again dear friend Eshant. Now I am in Nepal. Don’t plan to visit the States too soon. But it is possible we will make it again to Salem and to this lake. Why not, right??

      Eshat, many thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. I remember you as one of some very close friends of mine from Salem.

      Hope it is going very well with you. My best wishes all the way from Kathmandu!!


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