Photo: 2 Young Street Vendors in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Street Vendor - Young Girl in Ratnapark

Quality of one’s life depends upon his/her quality of work. More than school education I believe in letting these kids discover life on their own, understand the true value of life and the true value of living it. Not copying, not pretending, not projecting, no DRAMA.

I admire all those who work. This little girl I spotted last month in Ratnapark (main public transportation hub in Kathmandu). When I saw her reading newspaper behind her little stall I said to myself, “Oh, she is so cute!!”

Regret not talking to her as I was running for something. Next day I went there just to see her and know about her but no luck.

Dear girl, I think life is going to get so much out of you. May all the struggles you have to face in life only make you stronger.

You boy sells Fruit Salad near Ratnapark in Kathmandu

10 minutes later I find this another young street vendor at Sahid Gate (near the view tower). He his selling fruit salad in his cart. Look at him and find yourself in JOY. I DO.

I celebrate these two young street vendors. They have started selling so early in life. May be there in no early, may be there is no being late.

Many times I find it difficult to express my feelings in words. Anyway, my very best wishes to these sellers and all the workers-in-life.

Once again, how beautiful, someone put in words, “Your quality of life depends upon your quality of work.” The point I want to make is, there is nothing wrong in working.

SMiles from Kathmandu..

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