Inner Peace and Harmony with others, HOW?

Buddha Inner Peace

There are so many people out there searching for inner peace, and harmony with others. There could be many ways to attaining these both. Many recommend changing how we think, but thought itself is limited and cannot bring about true peace or harmony.

J Krishnamurti says, thought does not exist without memory. Memory is formed with experiences and knowledge and they are always limited so thought is limited. In order to attain true inner peace and harmony we need to rise beyond thought. To rise beyond thought we have to be free from all fears.

To be free from all fears says Krishnamurti, we need to abandon the self. From self-abandonment comes innocency then comes love. At this stage, there is no torture, there is no misery, there is no conflict. What is left is inner peace and now we can communicate harmony with others.

It’s there within you, your Happiness!

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