A Tour Guide Hears From His Guest!! In the world of technology a human connection..

Bipin and Martine - Nepal Trip

Last year I became a tour guide. It happened in an interesting way. I was visiting this travel office I had worked for earlier. It was a peak season. All guides were out on the tour.

Even though I had fled away after only three months of work there as a web designer, they purposed me for a new start up. They realized that I did not like working in the office all the time.

So, now I could go out on tours, collect photos and post on websites. It would also help me put together tour programs.

I liked the idea. To begin, there were these two French ladies who were visiting Nepal and I had to be their guide.

The owner, who is also a relative of mine convinced me that it was going to be very easy. He gave me some tips which included visiting the places earlier to the actual trip and getting information about it to explain the guests.

I bought the offer without much calculation after all traveling and exploring new places fascinated me.

Martine is one among those two beautiful ladies. I received an email from her only today (which was sent yesterday from France).

She wrote (as it is):

hello, dear boy,

No need to ask you: how are you?
I can see you’re OK all along your blog:
In some parts, I can hear you talking…..you write the same way as you talk!!

Did you recognize me? one of your 2 old ladies, and your first clients in your new job: guide.
I’m Martine, and it’s a real pleasure reading you!
Are you going on in that job, or do you do something else?

Yes it’s a pleasure, and this make me remember you laughing, smiling. Your hair is now longer, you do’nt look like anymore to a monk!
I see often your cousin and your sister. Was not your sister ready to go to the sates, as you did??

I see also your yoga’s friends in Pokhara, the lake…
and how much you like food and eating!!

Well keep going on, making me “happy” and joyfull when I receive your blog

I am now retired; time goes slower….sometimes it’s not so easy. Today here it’s raining, sky is grey…not so fun
so I have to remember you jumping, singing…making we walk and walk…. holidays!!
Last year I didn’t travel much and in Europe only

Well, enough
please, can you say hello to your nice family, gran-ma and all
and best greetings for the new year, that I wish you full of hapiness

Bests regards
kisses from grand ma Martine (I have now 3 grand children and I am waiting for the 4th one, a baby girl!)

Martine's Grand Children


What a lovely thing, isn’t it?

Now, sending my words to her via this blog, as she said she reads it regularly. May be she will like that I am replying her this way..

Sweet Lovely Lady Martine,
Namste & Warm Greetings to you from Nepal!!

You probably have no idea how much happy I am to receive your email this moment.

You know After coming back to Nepal from the States I have not earned much.

But when I read your words I feel differently. How can your love pouring out from the words in your message all the way from France be measured in terms of possession?

Yes, you and Veronique were my very fist guests as a guide. It was a peak season, all the guides were busy so they put me.

Many times during the trip I felt that I did not know much about being a guide. How could I know? Had just left the States. It was hard to even just adjust in the environment as I had lived abroad for almost five years.

Many things in life make sense when we look back at them. With you and your friend I stepped into this new section of life. Its pages are getting filled with amazing experiences.

Experience like this one you just rewarded me with.

We do not live forever. But long we live, if we can live in love, in peace and in harmony then may be life is worth!

It was surprising that you did all the programs in Nepal in spite of physical issues. Only thing I remember that you missed is the Bajra Yogini temple in Shankhu.

I would love to see you again. Is it really like you said. Can you not make it once more to this beautiful country? My family would love to have you, meeting my cousins, gran-ma.

Martine and Veronique with my family in kathmandu

You asked about my sister. She was applying for the States but did not do it seriously. Now, she will try after completing bachelors. It is better for her that way. lees money to spend on study and also she can work.

Recently I have started to go to school. Also last week Keshav and his team made a deal with my uncle about a partnership in one of their branch in Boudha (near Shechen Monastery, I can see the Stupa from my desk). I am IN for the third time after quieting twice. Some people just can’t get so serious about life. Hehe.. now slowly things are getting stable.

I am 25 already you know!! Now I have to set myself in something. It is going to be difficult but I am finding way to enjoy it. Please send me your wishes.

It is great to see the photo of your grand children. You have 3 already and are waiting for 4th one, a baby girl, GREAT!!

Congratulations dear Martine!!

Life is beautiful. It is realized in depth when being near to dear people like you. At this moment I feel you are close to me. You have touched me in the deep.

Sending you best best wishes for your physical well-being, mental well-being and your spiritual well-being.

May the supreme soul guide you to the light.

Warm Hug and Kisses from nightly Kathmandu (10.43PM – GMT+5.45)

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