How I Took Up A Habit? Why Save Vital Fore?

Kundalini Chakras

[This post is revised form of my earlier post ‘At the age of 12 I started J/O, Taking up a habit, Story‘]

Being more of a not-much-motiveted-to-study-type-of-kid, I did not like reading text books, when I received them first finished all the stories throughout book then that book never got the same attention. However I did manage to read this book, which was not in the curriculum, but was very much influential.

It was a book on human body and health matters. A section in the book included these instructions to experiencing some momentary joy in the self.

Few months back, I had seen this young man from our town practice something weird while me and bunch of other kids were out having fun in the Trishuli river at the bottom of our village. He shook Mr. Happy for a bit and after a while some stuff jumped right out of its edge. He did it in front of us dozen kids and few of his own friends. He was much elder than us. Let’s say he was 22 and we were 12.

After couple months I told one of my friend that I had seen someone do this weird thing and some yellow stuff came out. Then, he said, well you did not see anything. It’s not yellow, it’s white.

I don’t remember having vision problem but don’t have excuse to seeing it yellow either. I still picture it the same color. Something recorded in your mind can’t simply be changed, I guess. Okay, can we move on with that damn book? What kind of sh*t it was?

It was an old book, not so thick and was in Nepali language. This section included some instructions on playing with your tool and getting some momentary pleasure in the self.

It was a short paragraph, remembered all the instructions, went to the restroom in front of our old house in the village and not knowing what I was really doing, simply practiced the steps.

After short exercise, I felt this pleasure for a moment or two before things took the emergency exit. After that things became never the same.

We always seek pleasure. We love pleasure. This method was easy and did not take long and did not require someone else’s participation. It became a part of everyday living. Since then, until today, if I were to tell you the truth, the average practice count could be one per day. For how long? Well, it is some 13 years.

How does this affect one? Well, I tell you a very short story. Some 6 months ago, as a regular activity of mine, I was visiting the Pashupatinath temple, the biggest Hindu temple in the universe. I had in my hand this book called ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. As I was climbing the steps on the other side of Bagmati river (holy) towards deer park.

I noticed an old man sitting on the side of the steps leaning against the wall. I did not look at him. As I approached near him, he asked “What book is it? Come near, let me see.”

I walked close to him and handed the book. He liked the book but said, “If you read only foreign books, how are our writers going to do well? It is sad that we do not give priority to our own writers.”

I told him that I understood and promised to buy and read books by Nepali authors. I told him it was nice meeting him. Right then, when I was turning away from him, he grabbed my hand. He looked closely at my face and asked, “Are you married?” “No,” I replied.

Then he went on saying, “You have wasted so much of your vital force. You look like an old man. If every young man like you waste life energy like this, how are our coming generation going to be healthy and strong? I saw you walk so passionately, so wanted to talk to see what you were upto. You have got to stop wasting your energy.”

This man, I found out later, that, he had been adviser to the king of Nepal. He was one of the very few intellectuals in Nepal.

Many things we talked about in this meet I might write on a separate post. Coming back to today’s topic, I hope the message is clear.

For a momentary pleasure we cannot afford to lose our vital life force.

I was first motivated to preserving this force after getting exposed to this daily living guidelines by Swami Sivananda posted on the wall at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in New York City.

We take up habits after regular practice for a long period. To drop them we have to have strong will-power and should abide by self discipline. I have acquired much success on it. Temptations do come sometimes but it now has very much less control over my action than that of two years ago.

Let us have charm on our face. Let us be full of life energy.

Radiate Vitality Photo from RadiateVitality Blog

Marie, a blogger I have found on the web, writes on her blog-

I think what we are missing is Vitality and Fun. I think we do too many things for wrong reasons and often we are not even aware of this. It could help if we start to take time to question and reflect more of what is happening.

Vital energy come from rest and harmony, harmony within, harmony with nature, let’s start to ask:
How balance my life is …?
What does give me energy? What is Fun?
Do I enjoy being on this planet? What can I do differently?
Read her post on Vital energy

Hoping we don’t get drained on our life energy but live a life full of energy radiating vitality.

Love to hear from you, something, on this matter.

SMiles from Kathmandu..

Credit: The beautiful image (2nd) used in this post is from

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