Kathmandu Photos: Lil Ones Captured on Camera

Cute Lil ones

When I walk the streets of Kathmandu, there are many activities I get to enjoy. It is always fascinating, personally to encounter babies out on the street, the lil ones.

Presenting to you few photos from my collection. Feeding her little sister, isn’t it cute??

Mom and lil one on bicycle

This one under the Kalimati bridge, mom and baby on a bicycle.

Kid playing with toy car

Kid playing with a toy car.

Another cute baby on her mother's arms

Baby with mother, close up shot, near Ratnapark.

Lil ones crossing road near Teku

Young girl is helping two lil ones cross a busy road near Teku.

Mom carrying baby on the street

Another mother with baby on her arms. This one taken in New Baneshwor. I was there to see this tea lady about whom I read on a blog by a Nepali lady. She was away for Dashain festival. One of these days will have to go see her. Have to taste her milk-tea!!!

Cute lil chickens

These lil chickens were closely next to the kid playing with the toy in Kalimati.

A cute baby monkey

So cute baby monkey I spotted on the main road near Thapathali.

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