Photo: Count the Turns on this Hilly Road

So Many Turns

This photo I took while exploring the Naubise-Hetauda Roadway section (Tribhuwan Rajpath) which was built very early in comparison to other roadways in Nepal with support form Indian Government for the purpose of trade exchange.

On the way we spotted only few vehicles. There were small tea houses but people mainly practiced agricultural production unlike on Prithvi highway where there have been so many hotels & restaurants lately.

Also the landscapes were really great. Definitely doing it again some time.

The photo above is not part of Tribhuwan Rajpath. It is a different road connecting the villages, I would guess. Here’s one that was actually part of our experience.

Hill Road Turns

This one was continuous left and right turn down the hill for about half an hour taking us closer to Hetauda. Was fun more than anything.


And off course I enjoyed encountering lovely kids like these on the photo.

SMiles from Kathmandu..

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