PHOTOS: Swasthani Bratkaha Festival Site at Sankhu

The great celebration of Swasthani Bratakatha festival which last for 30 days begins on Saturday in the small town of Sankhu, 30 minutes drive to the east of Kathmandu city. This site is mentioned in the Hindu sculpture of ‘Shree Swasthani Mahima’. I was there yesterday and took these photos.


Nicely decorated and clean water in the Shaali River.


This junction named after the holy river.


Temple of Goddess Swasthani Mata.


This is the view of the whole site where every year thousands devotees from around the country visit and offer worshiping in belief of getting their wish fulfilled.

In every house, for one month devotees read and listen to Swasthani Brata Katha. The practice of fasting is strict but is sure to bring about the fulfillment of one’s wish. 

Thanks for your time..SMiles!

One thought on “PHOTOS: Swasthani Bratkaha Festival Site at Sankhu

  1. Yours’ is an interesting blog, with a lot of good information. The photos are great and I like what you are saying. I hope to be as good at this one day as you are. I will watch you and learn. Thanks for your kind comment. Jan


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