Photos: Picnic to KAKANI from Public Youth Campus

View from bottom

After so long I had opportunity enjoy picnic with friends from school (they say campus, I prefer school). Yesterday, Saturday on the calender, a political student group organized a picnic to Kakani.

Kakani offers a very god view of Kathmandu city and great landscapes with amazing view of Himalayas to the north. It is also very popular for trout [type of fish].

Bipin enjoys dancing
Yes, dancing like a crazy man was so much fun. some move I got, dont’t I?? Hehe..

More than 400 participated in the event. Dancing, drinking, eating, wall climb without rope or anything were some of the things I enjoyed [with friends- Sunil Kandel, Sushil Itani and pretty girls and my young heroes].

Below are some photos from the fun day..

Chadani ready to fly (just for camera)

Chadani takes a flight (for camera).

The cooking department

A catering house (brought back from the city to the spot) took care of food during the picnic.

In the beginning there was an issue with the music system. Music system reqiured high voltage so the organizers had to arrange a generator.

In that time me and friends went to visit this wall climb down the hill.

Bipin and Sushil on the [climbing] wall

I was climbing like a monkey on this thing (it was not attended by any staffs and students were climbing manually on their own). Sushil followed right behind.

This photo below taken from the top.

Bipin takes photo from the top of [climbing] wall

Now, we hear that the music system is working, so we climb up the hill and join the fun of dancing.

Sushil enjoys dancing

Sushil enjoys dancing..

Sushil dai joins the fun of dancing

Chief of the organizing group joins the crowd to dance.

Salad (radish, carrot, lime, lettuce)

The salad looked good. We missed it though cause we wanted to go last and none left.

Radish and Carrot pickle with green peas

This radish and carrot pickle with green peas was spicy but very tasty.

Badri and the catering team serve meal

Meal being served..

Badri and catering team serve meal to participating students

Participating student happily receiving food

Students happily received the food.

Students enjoying meal

Participating students enjoying meal.

A scene of eating, nap-ing, texting, observing

Eating, Nap-ing, Texting, and Observing..

Meal Time - Bipin Tripathi, Sushil Itani and Sunil Kandel

You know already, we missed the salad. That is not the reason we look like we are mad or something. Food was good. Don’t know why a smile is missing.

After meal students come together to dance again.

Sunil poses for a photo while these guys enjoy dancing

My friend Sunil poses for a photo while other guys are having fun dancing. His girl friend owns a water production company. He actually helped with free supply of 20 jars of drinking water .

I have seen the facility and the water is pretty good. I even did few test by myself, in return, very positive results. It’s ‘Aqua Highland’, name if the brand, if you like to give it a try.

Sunil also dances just for the photo

Sunil dances just for a photo.

Bipin with pretty girls

Besides all the fun I did have some issues connecting with someone (a girl) during the event. It ended up me deleting few contacts from my phone, for which, Sunil called me ‘a psycho’. It’s okay to experience this and that… it passes away.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these moments captured in the camera. Smiles..

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