Repeat after me: “I am FREE!”

Repeat after me: "I am FREE"

This is misleading, having a job, going to work, obeying the laws, getting married if you want to have children, and acting normal are all expectations of a successful society that actually leads to greater freedom and independence!! Watching T.V. and saving for old age, and ESPECIALLY following fashion have nothing to do with holding onto freedom.

Isaac Locher commented (on facebook)

I find it funny how people are taking this picture so literally and assume people think freedom equates to not working and being a bum. This picture makes me question the norm and question what I perceive as freedom. Not want to become a bum.

Vincent Michael commented (on facebook)

Ultimately, human life, as it feels (to me, unfortunately not always but, frequently) is meant to realize our true nature. Society is only reality it’s not truth.

It is sad that we are trapped in time, in mind (with limiting thoughts) and language is not much of a help either.

LotusThose who set goals everyday and achieve things, learn, grow might acquire some level of satisfaction.

Then again, who are we? What is our true identity? Is it what we do? How we live? What society calls us?

My answer is. “NO”.

Still strive to look at a tree as if it was for the very first time, every time.

Freedom without responsibility is not freedom but then why are we here on earth?

Let us discover within us, not in logic, not in words, what it means to be alive, what it means to be free.

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