Eyes, Communication, Life, Truth vs Reality, Tears

Baby Eyes - Kathmandu Street Photo by Bipin Tripathi

The other day while walking along a street in Kathmandu, this me spotted this little girl with deep fried sweet bread (‘MAALPUWA’ in nepali) in her both hands; so cute.

My eyes set on her eyes; innocence to fall in LOVE for.

Baby with deep fried sweet bread in Kathmandu

She was born in Nepal, in a Nepali speaking family, so she probably knows in her language (it is mine too) that the bread she is holding is sweet. If she was born in a Chinese family, she would understand the same thing Chinese language.

This is not the communication, it of language, that I am talking about in the title.  Rather it is about the communication that we can read on some one’s face like in the child’s mother face below.Cute Baby and Working Mother in Kathmandu
 A life can be lived in the palaces. A life can be lived on the streets. I don’t call it inequality. It is reality. Realty is what we create around our life situation. It can change.

What is the difference, then, between truth and reality?

Well, good query!

To describe it in English words, truth is eternal and it is powerful. Reality has nothing to do with power.

Let me share with you what Ruth Seebeck has to say on this matter:

Truth is eternal, unchangeable, and totally trustworthy. Gravity never stops working. Seasons change. The sun rises and sets daily. You don’t have to think about any of those things, they just are. BUT, if you learn about them, study them and put their eternal power to work in your life, you can change your circumstances, your reality.

-taken from Ruth Seebeck’s article ‘Truth Vs Reality – The Power of Knowing the Difference and Four Keys to Help You Make the Change

Tears => Photo of the mother and baby in front of me in the monitor,
my back against the chair,
two hands clasped behind my head,
went deep in feeling,
this mother’s face,
a mother in love with her child,
a child, new, but, soon to start building walls, inside her,
my back against the chair,
two hands clasped behind my head,
tears start to take forms,
they start to travel down my chicks,
from chin they fall in my t-shirt,
now they have made it here..


3 thoughts on “Eyes, Communication, Life, Truth vs Reality, Tears

    • Namaste to you M!

      I have been running here and there.. Now in Lumbini with a Vietnamese Master.

      Hope you are enjoying lovely moments there… smiles!!


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