I Invite Sri Modi to Discuss on How to Start Educating Ourselves Properly?

Sri Modi Ji, Pranam!

It can be considered, from what you have made possible in the past that good days are coming. No doubt that from this region it is soon to spread all across globe.

Illustration for the whole world that it doesn’t take more than a person with ‘samskara’ to bring about a positive change in all humanity. I see it happening right in front of my eyes. It is my concern to remind you how education could help you a great deal in accomplishing your dream. It has come to my understanding that we must be properly educated in order to live life in peace. Peace does not mean being happy, always; it means being one with what is.

Current trend of education is about preparing job seekers and employees- basically consumers. During your Nepal visit I would like to sit with you allowing each other to learn from our experiences. I recently walked across Nepal east to west, 1360 kilometers, on foot spreading awareness on the need of a proper educating system.

Now and here, if we are to work for betterment of the humans, then we must establish an Education system which would enable every individual, to learn, understand, act, and tap into qualities like being skillful, capable, honest, intelligent, and hard working. We must get back to our roots. We must know our origin. We must realize our purpose on earth. This starts with Education.

I came to Lumbini on the 28th of July with a resolution to meet a visionary man – yourself. I have seen many miracles happen, for good reason.

I wait in JOY in the Birthplace of the Buddha..

ॐ NaMo Sivaya ॐ

Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi Cheering

Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi

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