Kathmandu MODIFied – Indian PM Visits Nepal in 17 years, Shows the World How to Treat The Nepalese Right

We may accept it or not, our country for long has been run by INDIA. Now, there is a leader there who believes that he and his country will suffer if he does any harm to this land- to Nepalese. He respects us and he realizes that he needs our help in fulfilling his ‘Achhe Din’ promise to 125 crore Indians.

It was painful to watch our leaders and CA members laugh shamefully while being told our own greatness by PM next door.

However, if we were to be positive and willing to move ahead from here, then we must see what Honorable Indian PM Shri Modi has done – he cleared the water clean.

“Modi uses politics for progress and upliftment of people, unlike in many parts of India and mostly in Nepal… most importantly, he showed other Indians, how Nepalese should be treated!”, expressed my facebook friend Mr. Mingmar Tamang.

Indian PM Shri Modi visits nepal in 17 years

I myself consider Shri Modi to be very lucky to be blessed with opportunity to find a place for himself in the hearts of thousands of Nepalese.

For long, in our politics and in the overall functioning as a nation, there played a lot of interest by neighboring India and other interest groups. We had been kept in muddy water.

Now with Modi showing the whole world how Nepal and Nepalese should be treated, we can say the water is getting cleaner. When the water is muddy, can we see things as they are? We can not. But when it’s clear, I believe the cleaning process has started, we can identify leaders, we can identify traders and traitors.

Those who call themselves saviors of Hinduism, those who having failed to conquer Nepal with gun and bullet and are now pursuing their dream through pops (or Father), the revolutionaries, the farmers of philosophies, those bought in dollars injecting hatred in common words and dividing Nepalese of various ethnicity, those wanting to keep Nepalese as labor slaves for ever – I have got the courage and hope now, to tell you – “Gone are your days!”

|| Asato Ma Sat Gamaya || Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya || Mrityor Ma Amritaam Gamaya ||


Honorable Indian PM Shri Modi receiving guard of honor offered by Nepali Army personnel in Kathmandu yesterday

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