INVITATION to Participate in Working Hands Group’s Event – In The Buddha’s Path to Prosperity & Peace

Buddha Teaching Workshop in Kathmandu learning the truth

Namaskaar/Greetings Dear User!

I hope that you are feeling amazing @LIFE this moment.

Working Hands Group, committed to preparing youths to take lead, is making happen an event in Kathmandu next week with purpose to bring understanding on the secrets of The Buddha.

We have felt that you would be interested to be with us for this experience of sharing & learning of truth.

HOW Nepal and Nepalese can prosper by applying the very teachings of our own Siddhartha Gautam Buddha?

He said that we can transform ignorance, attachment & aversion into peace, freedom and bliss; HOW is it done, to learn we are inviting men and women from different walks of life to participate.

We invite curious youths to be with us. There will be interaction session after all the guests speak.

Event Details:


a) Thay Huyen Dieu [Dr. Lam] (Professor/Monk, confirmed)

b) Ani Choying Dolma (Exceptional Singer/Buddhist Nun)

c) Raman Nepali (Dream Re-teller, confirmed)


Date: Thursday, 18th September 2014

Time: 11am to 2pm

Venue: The Bakery Cafe, Sundhara (Dharahara Hall)


Participation Fee: FREE / Generous Contribution


You can view more details and or updates at


Myself and our whole team looks forward to having you Gokarna Jiu.

Thank you!


With Smiles & Best Regards

Bipin Tripathi

Founder/ Coordinator

Working Hands Group काम गर्ने हातहरु समूह

Contact Number: 9843320307 / 9803142732


Instead of raising voice to tell the world that Buddha was born in Nepal, we seek to understand and live by his very teachings in order to live life in prosperity & peace.

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