Let Us NOT Confuse WORK with Slavery

Satya Mev Jayate abolishing child labour

I have very much enjoyed the Indian TV show ‘SatyaMev Jayate’ opening public eyes on issues like abortion, health, human capacity. However I must make clear on the issue of Education that there is nothing wrong with children learning to work at early age.

Work is important. All children should have working skills. Education does not mean reading books and doing homework. It does mean learning how to live life.

Once children can read & write they must then earn skills, earn living, and understand life before living the ‘PRANA’ leaves body.

Writer & lecturer Mark Twain said “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

“The true basis of education is the study of the human mind — infant, adolescent and adult.” said Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo.

This is NOW time to transform Clerical Education established by British rulers into true Education that will produce capable men and women who are healthy, honest, hard working, and wise & intellectual.

There is a reason to children leaving home and adapting the street life. We MUST put efforts and preparing a positive learning environment at homes. The must not be exposed to violence at early age. The must not be forced to do what the adults expect.

Every child is born with possibility of greatness in life. It is sad that a 16 year young is told 17,000 times that he cannot do something.

Work is important. Slavery we must end not ONLY that with Children but with Adults as well, which seems just a part of the globalization; many unable to produce just buying things and selling it with a margin- is this really a business??

In Nepal & India and in the world we need PRODUCERS. Can our Education help turn young children into Capable MEN & WOMEN?
#EndClericalEducation #EndGlobalSlavery #EndCrimeAgainstChildren #EndConsumerism #EducateYoungMind

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