Capable We – Empowering Nepali Youths, 5 Days Program

Nepali Youths standing with Nepali flag at Patan Durbar Square

Motive: Inspiring Nepali Youths to take lead in becoming an Entrepreneur

Prosperous Life with all the good things on Earth is possible. DO you Understand?

Duration: 5 Days

Activities: Modern Meditation, Yoga, Identifying Personal Strengths, Overcoming Challenges, Bhaktapur Tour with walk up to Changunarayan, Singing, Dancing, Team games, Getting inspired with stories of successful individuals, Communication & Leader4ship skills, Building new connections, Applying the skills on the JOB.

Main Facilitator: Educator Raman Nepali

Program Charge: Nrs 1100/-


1st Day Program: YES It’s Possible
Tuesday 4th November
6am to 11am

Venue: PRF Office, Kupandole, Lalitpur (Between Summit Hotel & Campion College)

Many of us think that it is not possible to do well in life for various reasons. But it is not the reality. What we should know is that there is a reason why we can’t believe it is possible. We should know that there is certain way to make things happen in life.
During this program we will practice the formula of possibilities.

1st Day 2nd Session of YES it’s Possible
Tuesday, 4th November
5 to 7pm

Venue: PRF Office, Kupandole

Satsang/ Discourse Talk Interaction

2nd Day: Celebration Tour (Learning Journey)
Wednesday, 5th November
7.30am to 3pm

Bhaktapur Tour & Hike to Telkot + Dhulikhel

At 7.30am we meet at Babarmahal to catch bus to Bhaktapur
We go on a tour inside Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Then we walk up to Telkot from there we continue to Dhulikhel on Foot (Lunch on the way)
From Dhulikhel we will return back to Kathmandu by Bus

3rd to 5th Day Program: ON The JOB Training
Thursday, 6th to 8th November
Venue: Outside of Valley (85KM away from Kathmandu)

This will be an opportunity for the participants to build confidence in them by working on the field practically.

Life Skills Trainer Raman Nepali in Action

Call 9843320307 to JOIN
Call 01-55-36-029 for queries about Location

Event Listing on Facebook:

युवाहरुलाई हामि सक्षम छौं भन्ने कुरामा विश्वास बढाउन का निमित्त एक प्याकेज कार्यक्रम

नाम : सक्षम हामि ‘Capable WE’

गतिबिधि : ध्यान, ज्ञान, खेल, घुमघाम, खानपिन, चुनौती पहिचान, सबल पक्ष्य पहिचान, समाधान का उपाय, गीत गाउने, नाच्ने, फोटो खिच्ने, नया सम्बन्ध जोड्ने।

सर्व जान हिताय सर्व जान सुखाय
काम गर्ने हातहरु समूह (कागहास) र प्रभा-रमण फाउन्डेसन को संयुक्त प्रयास🙂

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