9 Day Holiday in Nepal – Special Guided Tour Package – starting from USD$1100

Hi, Hello, Namaste!

My name is Bipin. It means forest and it is also a name of Lord Krishna.

Congratulations on finding this program that I like to call a ‘Celebration-of-Life Retreat’!

I have experiences working with renowned travel companies here in Kathmandu serving travelers from around the world. While many visitors easily fall in love with Nepal and Nepalese, there’s more to benefit from the ancient practices known to a few. As a curious soul I have been blessed to meet these human beings who have understood the art of living. I have come to explore what it takes to bring a true transformation in today’s human.

I invite you to come experience the JOY of life that is made possible by nature, people, hospitality and your motive to Celebrate Life.

Below I present to you the program overview, program details, and cost details. Price ranges from $1100 to $4500 per person depending on the accommodation preferences. Just remember that, if you really want to do it, money won’t stop!


Day       Activity                                                    Stay

Day 01: Arrival                                                     Kathmandu
Day 02: Cultural Tour                                          Bhaktapur
Day 03: Yoga Retreat on the River bank         Camping in Trishuli River
Day 04: Adventure Sports                                 Pokhara
Day 05: Sunrise Meditation                               Lumbini
Day 06: Mindfulness Practice                           Kathmandu
Day 07: Observe Buddhist Prayer                    Balthali
Day 08: Dance Retreat                                       Nagarkot
Day 09: Departure                                              –


Boudhnath, Kathmandu with Judith
Arrival Day | Day 01
⦁    You will be received at the Tribhuwan Intl Airport and from there taken to a famous Hotel in Kathmandu. At the hotel you will be offered with refreshment drinks after checking into your suite.
⦁    We will brief you about the program while enjoying fresh fruit juice or green tea.
⦁    Night stay in Kathmandu

Cultural Tour | Day 02
⦁    After breakfast at hotel you will visit two world heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley. These sites located in Patan and Bhaktapur will offer you glimpses of ancient art works and you will explore the lifestyle of Nepalese people.
⦁    Lunch at a rooftop restaurant in Patan city.
⦁    After lunch, visit ChanguNarayan Temple built in the 4th century.
⦁    Night stay in Bhaktapur city.

Yoga Retreat on the Trisuli River Bank | Day 03
⦁    In the morning you will be driven out of city to a famous river side camping site where you will participate in yogic practices.
⦁    Yoga practice with flow of breath instantly stretches the body, calms the mind and recharges the soul.
⦁    Night stay in a tent or cottage on the bank of Trishuli River.

Adventure Sports | Day 04
⦁    Today is the day for adventurous experience.
⦁    You can choose one activity among paragliding, bungy jump and white water rafting.
⦁    Night stay in Pokhara.

Sunrise Meditation | Day 05
⦁    Early morning visit to World Peace Pagoda for Sunrise Meditation.
⦁    in the afternoon, drive to Lumbini, the birth place of the Buddha
⦁    Night Stay in Lumbini.

Mindfulness Practice | Day 06
⦁    Today is a special day as you are taken to a very holy place. You will visit the site where the Buddha first put is feet on earth.
⦁    This holy energy you will feel with practice of mindfulness meditation.
⦁    In the afternoon, fly to Kathmandu.
⦁    Night stay in Kathmandu.

Observe Buddhist Prayer | Day 07
⦁    Early in the morning you will visit the Namo Buddha Monastery located on a hill top to observe young monks perform morning prayer.
⦁    Transfer to Balthali Village for  Lunch and relaxing rest of the day.
⦁    Night stay at the famous Balthali Village Resort.

Dance Retreat | Day 08
⦁    One reason that you see Nepalese people are so happy is because dance is integrated in our daily life. On this day you will meet with local people in Nagarkot to celebrate life by dancing.
⦁    Overnight stay in Nagarkot.

Departure | Day 09
⦁    In the morning you will have sunrise view over a large Himalaya range in Nagarkot.
⦁    You will be transferred to Tribhuwan Intl Airport three hours before departure time.
⦁    End of Trip.


  • Single Participant: USD$ 4500.00 (program runs even with just one participant)
  • Couple: USD$ 5400.00
  • Group (6+): USD$ 2700.00 per person
  • Single on HomeStay accommodation: USD$ 1800.00 per person
  • Couple on HomeStay accommodation: USD$ 2700.00 per person
  • Group(6+) on Homestay accommodation: USD$ 1100.00 per person

Package includes

*All the activities mentioned in the program details section,

*Transportation by a private car

*Lumbini – Kathmandu flight (on the 6th day)

*8 Nights accommodation in Popular hotels with Breakfast and Lunch OR Dinner


Send inquiries to bpntrp@gmail.com mentioning your purpose of visit along with your personal details.

I look forward to creating a special Holiday for you, together!

View of Fishtail and Annapurna Himalayas from Sarangkot Morning Meditation at Sarangkot World Peace Pagoda Namaste understanding-art-of-communication

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