There’s nothing wrong with Miley Cyrus! *compilation

She went from a sugary sweet Disney princess to a rebel without a cause, and everything about her is now edgy. What’s wrong with Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus sweet Disney princess to a rebelKent Fung explains (via Quora):

There’s nothing wrong with her for the career path she has chosen — one driven on buzz and hype, this is exactly what she’s supposed to be doing — causing controversy, getting attention, showing skin. These things lead to record deals, movie deals, product lines/endorsements, and therefore, money.

He adds, all she’s doing is merely a media-magnified version of what many, many young people do as they transition into adulthood: they strive to establish “adult” identities by doing what they see as “adult” things. “Look at me, I’m driving, I’m drinking alcohol, I can have sex so I’m going to let everyone know how sexy I am and how much I love to have sex and how much sex I have!! That proves I’m an adult now, and now you have to take me seriously.” If you’re a young male, you might add violence to the mix of things you think are new and wonderful and prove that you’re an adult.

Then you become a real adult, and you realize that you and your generation didn’t invent these things, you’re not doing it better, and and while most of us enjoy these things, we don’t find it interesting enough to talk about it all the time.

So you do what you do to any 16- to 25-year-old acting this way: you smile indulgently and tolerantly, and then you go on your way.

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