IS There Something Wrong With How We Are Educating Our Children?

May we NOT overlook the fact that motivation for study and learning is lacking among our students. Why is it happening? Is is because all we are feeding them in schools is mere information and facts that could not earn our living in current time?
When are we going to stop treating our children like a storage device? It is time that we seek transformation in our educating system. There’s a possibility that we can contribute to preparing a healthy generation with understanding of life and earth, yes, not just employees anymore!

1) Educators need to be educated.
2) Children are ever ready to learn. We must facilitate them an environment where they learn best!
Let us, specially my request to parents, unite to help our children. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s the few wealthiest of the worlds whose mission is to raise dumb parents and dumber children so that they can have slaves to work in their interest without any complaints.
So it looks like this in short Education = Understanding from (Study + Practice + Experience).
Gandhi said that, “When the power of love over rules the love of power the world will know peace.”
Have we realized it or not, true understanding allows the love to be. Peace is not possible without understanding. Questions: How well the teachers understand? What are our children Learning at schools? Isn’t it a drama a bunch of same age group students dressed similar, reading same text books and competing for grades? Shouldn’t we be teaching them to complete with themselves? How can classroom environment prepare a child to become a woman or a man who has to live in such negative society that we have today?
schooling education differences
My motive is to make individuals question the very obvious practices.. Thank you🙂

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