How To Live With The Earth Quake – A Public Talk by Thay Huyen Diey (Ven. Dr. Lam T.)

At Reporters’ Club we are very happy to inform you that THAY HUYEN Dieu (Ven. Dr Lam T.) will come to
Kathmandu again. He is the president founder of Vietnam Temple, the first international
Buddhist monastery established in Lumbini. When the war broke out in Nepal during the
very serious situation, he showed us the secret method to get out of the war. His
wonderful solution helped us to get peace in Nepal which very few people believed.

But when the war ended peace came to Nepal then he disappeared. It was very difficult to
meet him. Now when the earthquake happened, he again suddenly appeared in
Kathmandu. With our request he accepted to give a public talk about the earthquake and
he may offer us another wonderful solution about the art of living; how to live with

Your humble presence will be appreciated and also the best way to work together for
better life in the most difficult time.

DATE: 08 June, 2015 Monday
VENUE: Reporters’ Club, Bhrikuti Mandap (next to NTB building)
TIME: 01:00PM

Public Talk with Ven Dr Lam T  (Thay Huyen Dieu)

Those INVITED to Participate:

1) Dr. Anjani Kumar Jha, Chairman of Nepal Medical Association

2) Anil Chitrakar, Founder of ECCA

3) Anil Shah, CEO of Mega Bank

4) Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Senior Leader of UCPN (Maoist)

5) Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, Constitutionalist

6) Dr. Bhola Rijal, Chairperson of Om Hospital

7) Bhusan Dahal, TV Journalist

8) Prof. Dr. Bishamber Pyakurel, Sr. Economist

9) Chudamani Sharma, Director General of Internal Revenue Department

10) CK Lal, Journalist and Political Columnist

11) Deep Kumar Upadhyaya Nepal’s ambassador to India

12) Dev Prakash Tripathi, Senior Journalist

13) Gokarna Bista, Youth Leader of CPN-UML

14) Dr. Govinda KC, Professor

15) Jhalanath Khanal, Senior Leader of CPN-UML

16) Kamal Thapa, President of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal

17) Leela Mani Paudyal, Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal

18) Madan Rai, Agriculture Specialist

19) Madhav Kumar Nepal, Senior Leader of CPN-UML

20) Mahabir Pun, Founder & Leader of Nepal Wireless Project

21) Mahendra Bista, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists

22) Narayan Kaji Shrestha, Ex Deputy Prime Minister

23) Pashupati Shamsher JBR, Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee of RPP

24) Peter W. Bodde, Ambassador of the U.S. to Nepal

25) Dr. Pramod Dhakal, Open University of Nepal Initiative Steering Committee

26) Purushottam Paudel, Minister of Youth & Sports

27) Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), Founder of UCPN (Maoist)

28) Rabindra Mishra, Philanthropic Journalist

29) Rajendra Mulmi, Youth Activist

30) Raman Nepali, Inspirational Educator

31) Ramesh Dhamala, President of TAAN

32) Ramhari Khatiwada, Youth Leader of Nepali Congress

33) Ranjit Rae, Ambassador of India to Nepal

34) Dr. Sergey Vasilievich Velichkin, Ambassador of Russia to Nepal

35) Sher Bahadur Deuba, Senior Leader of Nepali Congress

36) Sunita Danuwar, Founder of Shakti Samuha

37) Suraj Vaidya, President of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

38) Swami Anand Arun, OSHO Tapowan

39) Thomas Bell, Long time Nepal Reporter

40) Ujwal Thapa, Cheif of Bibeksheel Nepal

41) Upendra Devkota, Neurosurgeon

42) Upendra Yadav, Chairman of the Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum

43) Vijay Kumar Pandey, TV Journalist

44) Wu Chunta, Ambassador of China to Nepal

45) All positive Nepali Youths are welcome to JOIN

R.S.V.P. (977) 984 332 0307 (Tripathi B.)

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I am a foreigner who came to live and work in this country for more than a decade now, and have learned to love this land as my own homeland, have discovered so many good and beautiful things, so many wonderful values and practices in the cultural and moral traditions of Nepal. I am a disciple of Buddha Sakyamuni, who was born at Lumbini Garden more than 2,600 years ago, who has taught me how to live in peace and harmony with the nature and the universe, a life without hate and violence, a life full of love and shared happiness with all living things of this world.

I am boundlessly grateful to my teacher Hoang Nhon who has introduced me to Buddhism. I am boundlessly grateful to Buddha Sakyamuni, to the country of Nepal where He was born to become the messenger of love and peace to billions of humans who have been saved from painful suffering with his teachings. I am grateful to the people of Nepal who have managed to preserve the holy relic area of Lumbini. I am also boundlessly grateful to the land and people of Nepal in general for accepting me as one of their sons.

Thầy Huyền Diệu
(Ven. Dr. Lam), Founder Viet Nam Phat Quoc Tu, Lumbini

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