What Makes Life Miserable?

My Master says it is the senses that connects us with the world. It is very interesting that a thousand and one persons have a thousand and one different world for them;  the world that is created in the mind.


Our possibilities for health, wealth, greatness…
Our possibilities for health, wealth, greatness is renewed every moment. It is with feeling of peace in my life that I take this moment to offer my prayer for light in the darkness of as many hearts!!

I’m  having many opportunities to feel that the universe is happy to have beings like us on earth! When will more and more of us will have this perspective towards our life??

Here I happily like to share few questions that I asked to myself six years ago:

  1. Why my happiness lasts NOT LONG?
  2. Why these things that I run after seem to have meaning for others but not for me?
  3. How I myself can be a meaningful creature and be able to touch people?
  4. What/where was I before birth and where/what will I be after death?
  5. Who/what am I now?

When you no longer believe in the very things that you think will bring happiness to you— degree, job, money, car, house, holiday, boyfriend or any relationship then you Meditate. When you are ready to be trusted, truth will reveal.

What makes life miserable? You thinking that you know! The moment you realize that you don’t know, the journey into spirituality begins. With practice one comes to understand that peace is our nature and gratitude is our offering. For being alive, for having most complicated & sophisticated system like human body, for having sun shine everyday, for being able to tell stories of all other creatures on earth, and being able to be self aware— gratefulness, Yes!!

Your key to greatness may lie in the darkness within. To look for it in the light somewhere outside, also in the mountains OR instead having courage to be alone and being with oneself, seeing the darkness, seeing the suffering, knowing the nature of impermanence by experiencing and finally celebrating the same events that in the past may have left you feeling miserable; is possible!!

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam
KTM | 1 May 2016

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