It makes me feel being at peace to see myself concerned more than anything on giving away, helping people in need.
David Dunn wrote in his book ‘Try Giving Yourself Away’-

Almost anything in the world can be bought for money except the warm impulses of the human heart. They have to be given. And they are priceless in their power to purchase happiness for two people, the recipient and the giver.

Since I left US, I have become a collector of blessings. I am blessed. I can touch people on the deepest level. Headed out to become desire-less, my very desire to see people around me happy has allowed me to enjoy this adventure.

I am a soul but while living life in a body I had to be identified with different labels and experiences. A bit of them you can read and know below:

Bipin Tripathi, Traveler, Blogger

>> Born/grew up in a village.
>> Hold Nepali Citizenship.
>> Supported and worked with CWIN  in school.
>> Completed high school in 2005 (Kathmandu).
>> Undergraduate study in the States.
>> Returned to Nepal in Jan of 2011.
>> Now studying/working/living in Kathmandu
>> Travel, take photos, smile, observe & spread positivity
>> Emotion-driven.

There’s more information about my likes and interesting experiences I have lived. Read it at More About Bipin Tripathi page.

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